Saskatoon // Workshop - 30th July 2012 (Day One only)


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This is the page to register for Day One only.  If you're here by mistake and want to register for both days click HERE.

Depending on availability, you may be able to add Day Two later on but we can't guarantee the same price.

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Thank you for your interest in Day One of our workshop in Saskatoon!

For all the information on the workshop please go HERE.

Day One Topics and Activities:

– How we shoot and interact with our clients (live shoot) – including our posing formula/recipe/system for consistent and creative portraits
– Practical ways to STAND OUT in a competitive and saturated market
– Your Business is a Chain – how to improve each and every link
– How we use systems to minimise our short-comings
– Our Strategies for Marketing and Client Care
– Working out who you are as a photographer to find your own style and voice
– How to build an authentic brand around your personality
– Attracting and booking the right clients for you and your style
– How to set effective client expectations and boundaries for a drama free business and life
– Processing and Workflow – from shoot to delivery and how we deliver weddings within 2 weeks
– Documentary, Reportage, Photo-journalism and Storytelling
– How to use Photography + Business to achieve your goals and dreams

Day Two Practical Hands-on Activities:
Day Two is all about taking everything we teach on Day One and helping you to apply it all to YOUR life and business. We will give you practical advice and suggestions that are specific to your photography and your business. Then we’ll work together with you to make the necessary changes.

– Review and Critique of your website/blog – plus advice on how to improve them
– Portfolio Review and Critique – advice and feedback on the images you’re showing to promote yourself
– Pricing Feedback – a review of your pricing and packages
– Client Communication – we’ll check out your e-mails and then we’ll share our e-mails, word-for-word what we say to clients
– Your Business is a Chain – what are all the links and how to strengthen them

Q&A Sessions – throughout both days.


Do attend if:

– You want to learn how to STAND OUT in a competitive and saturated market.
– You want advice and feedback specific to your photography and business.
– You want to work together with us to improve your photography and your business.
– You want to learn from our mistakes (there’s a lot of them!)

and if you’re saying any of the following:

– Why aren’t I getting more enquiries?
– I’m getting enquiries, but why aren’t I booking them?
– I’m getting enquiries but after meeting with the clients they still don’t book.
– I wish I could attract the type of clients that I’d really love to photograph.
– I’d really like to learn to interact better with clients on photo-shoots.
– I want to learn to take better photos.

Don’t attend if:
– Your business is kicking butt and you’ve got it all figured out.
– You stand out in your market and you’re getting all the enquiries you want.
– All your clients are your ideal clients
– You’re awesome at interacting with clients on photo-shoots.


The Nitty Gritty Details.

When: 30th and 31st of July 2012 (Day One is 30th July)

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (exact venue to be confirmed soon)

Time: 9am until 6pm each day. We’re flexible if things go longer – based on experience it will! 

Cost: Only $575 for both days!  $495 for Day One only (includes meals: light breakfast and lunch)

Limited to 12 spots each day to maximise one-on-one time and small group awesomeness.


The Fine Print.

- Payment for the workshop is required at the time of booking
- Payment for the workshop is non-refundable, but your spot is transferable to another person.
- In the event you’re unable to attend, you will be solely responsible for finding someone to take your place.


You’re awesome! And we’re super excited at the prospect of meeting you in Wausau!


Matt and Katie.