Hi! We are Matt and Katie, a husband and wife photography team based in Queensland, Australia. 


The Guide teaches you exactly how to do in-person portrait sales - word for word, step by step, the whole process including how to set up your selling room, what products to sell, what to say, when to say it, what programs to use ... everything! 

In one year, Katie did close to $260,000 worth of in-person portrait sales using the ideas and systems we include in The Guide.

Katie went from fluking the occasional $500 sale to averaging $2,000 for every sale.  All by following the approach we’ll share with you in this guide.

The ideas and suggestions in this guide aren’t guesses. We’re not throwing things out there hoping that they will work. This stuff works!

Most of all, it shows you how to do great in-person sales even if you’re not a born salesperson.

In-person sales are not about being pushy or pressuring clients with the “hard sell”. In-person sales are also not about tricking people or emotionally manipulating them.

You don’t have to be a salesperson. You can be yourself and still achieve great portrait sales.

Whatever your financial goals. Whether they are lofty or modest. It doesn’t matter. This guide can be part of helping you reach them.

Whether you’re doing in-person sales out of your home, your client’s home, a coffee-shop or cafe, or a fancy studio ... everything in this guide can be tailored to your situation.


Who will benefit the most from The Guide? 

  • Portrait photographers (family, newborn, lifestyle)
  • Wedding photographers, especially those who do engagement shoots
  • Anyone who has ever been unsure about doing in-person sales
  • Photographers who want to take their in-person sales to the next level
Important note: The Guide is not shooting related.  The purpose of The Guide is to teach you how to do great in-person sales by just being yourself and following our approach.
Image taken in Las Vegas by the awesome Spencer Combs!
Image taken in Las Vegas by the awesome Spencer Combs!