Matt and Katie Ebenezer are a husband and wife photography team from the sleepy coastal town of Kings Beach, Australia. In 2005, they met, started dating, got engaged and then married ... all within 3 months.

They want to change the world. One photographer at a time.

Matt and Katie believe that when photographers have the time and money to life the life they want, and the time and money to tell the stories they want, then the whole world benefits.

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Hi! I'm Matt.

Music, reading, photography, visual creativity, pop culture and Katie are what I would consider the main loves of my life, not necessarily in that order, of course!

After growing up in a small town of only 1,000 people it is a real dream come true to travel around Australia and sometimes outside Australia doing the work I love, with the girl I love.

One of my main priorities in life has been to make my parents proud in everything that I do. They sacrificed so much to give me every opportunity for success and making them proud is the least I can do in return. I love it that my Dad (who is in his 70's) reads and comments on our blog.

In a previous life I was an IT Network Administrator, a title which sounds fancier than the job actually is. Despite my analytical and problem-solving background, my approach to photography is not very technical. I am drawn to visual imagery that evokes a feeling and an emotion, rather than technical perfection. At weddings I want to tell a story by capturing the truth of the moments that happen around me.

If I had a life motto it would be 'Do things because you want to, not because you have to.' I'm not sure who said that, I might even have just come up with it myself while writing this. Feel free to use it ;)

Katie is most certainly my princess and soul-mate. I waited 29 years for her to find me (yes, she was my first and only girlfriend). Katie refers to me as a 'late bloomer'. Ask her how we met, she loves telling that story.


Hi I'm Katie.

Matt always laughs at me because I'm a 'good girl'. If there is a zebra crossing… I will cross it. If there is a speed limit… I will stick to it. If there is a rule… I will follow it. Unlike Matt who loves the saying: "It's easier to ask for forgiveness rather than permission".

As one of the worlds biggest animals lovers, when I get older there is the danger that I'll become one of those crazy ladies who adopts every stray that comes along. Animals are just so wonderful and they make me happy.

Family is super important to me and I'm lucky to have been blessed with a super awesome family. No matter how crazy my goals and ideas have been, they have always supported and encouraged me.

Two of my favourite life mottos have come from my parents.

Dad always said "If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything" - and I truly believe this. At the age of 18, I was the youngest press photographer to ever be hired by the company I worked for. If it wasn't for Dad believing in me, I'm not sure what I'd be doing.

The other motto is the one that Mum drilled into me when I was young. It is: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all". My Mum has such a kind heart, she always makes sure everyone is included, I wish I was more like her.

Being married to Matt is awesome. He looks after me, treats me like a princess and tells me I'm beautiful, even when I've just woken up with bed hair, and panda eyes. Every girl deserves a guy who treats them as well as Matt treats me.

I would definitely say I have best job in the world, AND I get to do it with the guy I love! It's so awesome that we get to work together, travel together and 'do life' together.

The story behind this video is that we had just returned from celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary in Sydney, Australia.

We were suffering a bit of excitement deprivation so we spontaneously recorded this video. I mean, what else is there to do on a Monday night?

Katie absolutely loves Glee but Matt, not so much. However, there is one song he just can’t get enough of.

Life is better when you don’t take yourself too seriously :) We hope you get a giggle out of this!